Beginning with Basho


石山の石にたばしる霰哉  芭蕉



Across the rocks of Rock Mountain …


(Matsuo Basho)





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  1. one more

    ishiyama no ishi yori shiroshi aki no kaze

    Depending on the interpretation of the CUT in this haiku, you get two possible interpretations. This haiku is therefore rather difficult to translate.

    autumn wind
    whiter than the white cliffs
    of this stony mountain –

    (Tr. Gabi Greve)

    More is here

    Gabi, Okayama, Japan

  2. Thanks, Gabi for reminding us of this second ‘ishiyama no ishi …’ haiku, which Basho wrote at Natadera in Ishikawa Pref. on his Okunohosomichi journey (1689). The haiku I quote in my posting was written at Ishiyamadera in Shiga Pref. Basho must have been aware of his Natadera haiku when he composed the one about hail just over one year later. I’ve visited both temples, and they both have impressive expanses of outcropping rock. Twinned haiku, if ever there were.

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