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Posted in Haiku, Spring, Submissions on March 31, 2008 by Tito

just one face
in the spring sunshine …
my love for you

Gabi from Okayama

heisei 20 blues

Posted in Haibun, Spring on March 30, 2008 by Gerald

the traditional-style japanese houses on my block seem to be quickly demolished as soon as they’re sold. reduced to lots big enough to squeeze two or three prefabs onto them. young familes are snapping them up.

in the unfriendly neighbor’s yard

the plum blossoms

have fallen

Early off

Posted in Spring, Winter on March 30, 2008 by Richard Steiner

Winter has never been my season. In the order of Like, it’s springsummerfall, any weather, winter. The cold requires too many layers of cloth, natural and now man-made, both Western and Oriental (think: hara-maki).For males, mostly, there is the additional protection of facial hair. A full beard does add necessary and efficient protection against lower temperatures. (We can also store morsels there for snacks later.) But, alas, it does itch when the air temp gets higher. So, from about these days, the hairs begin to fall off, area-by-area. My new avatar shows Offness in two respects, the most important being the missing chin stuff. As April proceeds into Hot, the moustache will drop and I will upload a close view of my upper lip, perhaps. To celebrate this:

birds redo plumage,

cats shed everywhere,

bare chins view spring anew.

This year my cherry blossom viewing will be of the Japanese variety, but on the Potomac, not the Kamo. No singing and drinking parties beneath the boughs, either. If there were, the highest murder rate would only grow higher. Ducking drunken tunes is better than ducking sniper fire, true, but a job is a job, so off I go momentarily.

spring blossoms’ faint smell

mixed with gun smoke –

New World blend’s not a poem.

Easter hail

Posted in Spring, Submissions, Tanka, Translation on March 26, 2008 by Tito

At her homestay’s end
We hurry to the station
Under Easter hail:
A childless man together
With a fatherless daughter.

(Kamome, with own German translation)

Aufenthaltsende –
Durch grellen Osterhagel
Gehn wir zum Bahnhof:
Ein vaterloses Maedchen
Mit einem kindlosen Mann.


Posted in Challenge!, Haiku, Haipho on March 25, 2008 by Tito
……Monkeys on a rock
…………By the swirling river –
………………Screams from the boat.

Can you imagine the scene described in my recent haiku, composed at Ochiai by the Hozu Gorge? 保津峡の落合で最近に詠んだ句のイメージを想像できますか。There are several ways the poem could be interpreted. いくつかのとらえ方があると思う。Leave your interpretation as a comment, please. コメントとしてご自分の解釈を残してください(contributorではなくても出来ます)。Let’s see how many we get … どのぐらいの解釈が可能のでしょうか。

still waiting for spring

Posted in Winter on March 23, 2008 by david mccullough



another hangover

the frost on the window

the sound of the river

expat blues

Posted in Haibun, No/All season on March 21, 2008 by Gerald

the raw fish can be simply mouthwatering when it’s eaten in the right season. white rice and noodles are among the staple foods. certain rice wine, when it’s chilled in the summer, and warmed in the winter, can be heavenly. six years ago i got married here; started a family…

the pacific ocean between us

phone calls to my parents

fewer & fewer