Stone (not ice) for reference

Here’s a picture of a rock I often visit, which featured in the Foreword to Seasons of the Gods.

To a mountain god’s stone …

Our thanks for this harvest

Of poems

And fungi and nuts.





(Ryûsôiwa, Mt. Ogura, Kyoto, 11.11.07)


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  1. Uploading this 4 KB photo took over one minute. Normally, it gives ‘thumbnail’ , ‘full size’ and ‘title’ as options, but for some reason recently I never seem to be given the first option, and if I send image to editor at full size, the photo is much too big. One solution: before sending to editor, just click on the thumbnail photo and drag it onto the approximate place you want to see it in the draft posting above. Release and then adjust its size and place. Then press publish.

  2. rsteiner Says:

    Quite a handsome site; all this Blackness is unique, as is writing in Whiteness. I wonder what Ulysses R. was thinking when he put this together? One thing I greatly appreciate: this site now automatically tells me of misspelled words. Thank goodness for that advancement. It doesn’t correct them, just lets me know they are there. OK; I can live with that.

    Hailstones against the black

    of Ulysses’ cyber-art,

    unusual, but I like it.

    And how do we get our own photo up next to our name? That is swift. Say, this site puts to shame the previous place we struggled in. FORWARD into this new territory; I can feel new poems birthing at this very moment!

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