Amanohashidate Redux

last november a few members of the hailstone haiku circle took a weekend trip to amanohashidate. though i was unable to join them, i reminisced, in spiritual companionship, about the experiences i had when i visited this place, which is thought to be one of the top three scenic views in japan. a clunky train got me there.

the sky darkensー

deep snow

in the mountainside cemetery

after a short walk to get a preliminary feel of the atmosphere i found a cozy room at a ryokan, ate dinner, drank lots of warm sake.

rotenburo for twoー

talk of the distance

between the stars

the next day i began my exploration…

new crutches

for a towering pineー

the bridge to heaven


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  1. This didn’t appear directly on the screen when you posted it because I hadn’t changed your status to ‘author’. Now that I have, you’ll be able to post, comment and edit your own posts and comments whenever you want. Nice haibun spirit! Would have liked to be in that rotenburo … which, for those readers unfamiliar with Japanese culture, is an open-air hotspring bath.

  2. Richard Donovan Says:

    I was one of the four that made it to Amanohashidate last autumn, and some of your experiences mirror mine there and in Kinosaki. Your first poem, while in a completely different context, reminds me of the one of mine that ends the rengay in Seasons of the Gods:

    Darkening blue —
    seagulls sail back with us
    above the Bridge of Heaven

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