swans at wintersend

fat webfeet crunching

through March snow …


eyes tighten as a gale

whips in the thistles


2 Responses to “swans at wintersend”

  1. It’s rather interesting to split a 4-line haiku (haiqua) in the middle with a photo. Because the photo is there as part of the haipho work, the word ‘fat’ could possibly be omitted? The beautiful monochrome tones of the photo go well against our black theme. I like the way you mention ‘thistles’, although we don’t see them in the photo. Ideally, in the new genre of haipho (as with haiga), it’s surely best to have things in the haiku that are not in the picture, and vice versa – to complement, rather than mirror exactly. I’m practising, too, in this regard.

  2. Hi David,

    Love the picture… it immediately transports me to the scene/moment. I’m all bundled up with boots on!

    The sound of a gale in the thistles seems to adds an interesting layer to the scene. However, webfeet crunching (another sound image) seems to “tell” the viewer what could be already evident in the picture.

    Perhaps a 3 liner beginning with: March snow… could create an atmosphere to complement the picture???

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