Ox walk


‘ox walk’ is a literal translation of the Japanese ‘gyuho 牛歩’, which means ‘at a snail’s pace’. I seem to have taken quite a long time to get used to posting here! Instead of cowpats (see Tito’s posting ‘What’s a cirku?’ below) I offer you:

my footsteps

at an ‘ox walk’ pace …

the steps of spring


6 Responses to “Ox walk”

  1. You’ve made it onto the Icebox! Wonderful! I tightened it slightly to make it more intelligible. ‘together with’ could be inserted as a new third line, pushing ‘the steps of spring’ down a line. I prefer the challenge of having to work out the connection between your steps and those of the spring, however.

  2. hmiyazaki Says:

    牛歩より遅いもの:私の歩み:亀歩(how do you read this?)

  3. A guess: kipo?

  4. I have considered about how to read or interpret 亀歩 for a couple of days.
    That is as it is; “the original foot steps of Mr. Miyazaki” If it reads kipo, my foot steps will be also kipo.
    Because my name Nori, 紀 reads ki, so it will be 紀歩. 

  5. Can you get your ox to step into the avatar frame sometime? It would be nice to see you when you comment! I don’t like all these snowmen.

  6. hmiyazaki Says:

    Someone says, “It is read as AHO”. The snowman shouted, “Aho! It’s too much free translation or interpretation!”

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