Diary: Dec, 07 – Mar, 08

Dec, 07: Pokhara, Nepal.

under the shade of pipal

the ballad, “Lakshimi phiri-ri…”

the long stone-step path to the Himalayas

Jan, 08: Takatsuki, Osaka.

crows’ cries in the dusk cedar clump  a snowdrift below

Feb, 08: Okuma, Okinawa.

beach umbrella folded up under sunshine – north wind

Mar, 08: Shisendo Temple, Kyoto.

36 ancient Chinese poets

look down suspiciously on  poets

sketching the garden


2 Responses to “Diary: Dec, 07 – Mar, 08”

  1. The last haiku, which I enjoyed, reminds me of one I wrote at Osawa Pond in Sagano on my first stay in Kyoto in ’74: one thing looking at another looking at another. In my haiqua, I’m one of the three ‘watchers’ or ‘watched’; in yours however, as the recording poet, you are a fourth!
    Waiting for a heron
    That is waiting for a fish:
    My stare reflected
    To the water trigger.
    How did you get the print to be so small on your posting?! I guess you copied it in from another doc?

  2. For the context of Hisashi’s last haiku and a sketch by him, please see the new page ‘Haiga Walk’.

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