……Monkeys on a rock
…………By the swirling river –
………………Screams from the boat.

Can you imagine the scene described in my recent haiku, composed at Ochiai by the Hozu Gorge? 保津峡の落合で最近に詠んだ句のイメージを想像できますか。There are several ways the poem could be interpreted. いくつかのとらえ方があると思う。Leave your interpretation as a comment, please. コメントとしてご自分の解釈を残してください(contributorではなくても出来ます)。Let’s see how many we get … どのぐらいの解釈が可能のでしょうか。

7 Responses to “Monkeys”

  1. david mccullough Says:

    the screams are from a group of poets having a haiku moment

  2. I guess the monkeys were a bit hungry. sorry poets… and the empty boat drifts on.

  3. both monkeys and poets are ice creaming! amato

  4. Any more theories? Couldn’t it be the monkeys that are screaming?

  5. hmiyazaki Says:

    I think ‘soft creaming’ because it is swirling.

  6. Thomas Drescher Says:

    the monkeys are jumping playing swirling on the rock by the river; very lively scene; those in the boat are screaming — mirroring the screaming of the monkies themselves — with a similar excitement — it’s not a fearful screaming — rather screams of joy in the moment.

  7. Moya Bligh Says:

    The excitement of the occupants of the boat as they swirl
    in the river is juxtaposed against the staid monkeys secure
    on their rock. The reverse of our usual concept of the relationship
    between men and monkeys?

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