Easter hail

At her homestay’s end
We hurry to the station
Under Easter hail:
A childless man together
With a fatherless daughter.

(Kamome, with own German translation)

Aufenthaltsende –
Durch grellen Osterhagel
Gehn wir zum Bahnhof:
Ein vaterloses Maedchen
Mit einem kindlosen Mann.

3 Responses to “Easter hail”

  1. david mccullough Says:

    Hi Jon,
    My incomprehension of German makes this a double pleasure.
    Stay warm..

  2. Hi John, brilliant blend of solitude and companionship, at least that what I feel from it. Keep running!

    From warm margarita Island


  3. Horst Ludwig Says:

    A very fine tanka, “language loaded with meaning.” For the German version, consider for segment e
    und ein kinderloser Mann.
    Both versions: excellent language.

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