heisei 20 blues

the traditional-style japanese houses on my block seem to be quickly demolished as soon as they’re sold. reduced to lots big enough to squeeze two or three prefabs onto them. young familes are snapping them up.

in the unfriendly neighbor’s yard

the plum blossoms

have fallen


3 Responses to “heisei 20 blues”

  1. On the street near me, there was a large, superb and still lived in 200 year old house, in the Kyoto style. It’s gone now, also. Not by the wrecker’s hammer, tho, but by one of the other ancient Japanese traditions, arson. One wants to weep at any destruction of a culture’s heritage. Two or three prefabs, or a parking lot, can never undo the damage.

    gone, by flame thrown at night:
    daily now, old wisdom
    replaced by endless tears.

  2. hisashi miyasaki Says:

    We, the Japanese, are generally too shy and often look unfriendly.

  3. To help readers who may be unfamiliar … ‘Heisei 20’ means the 20th year in the reign of Emperor Heisei = 2008.

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