spring blues

the cherry blossom party rescheduled. the trees aren’t cooperatingーthey haven’t come to a consensus. the city has hung lanterns in the supposedly good locations; but for now, the decorations look better than what is expected of the scenery.

morning rainー

wild ducks standing

in the shallow river


2 Responses to “spring blues”

  1. Love ‘the trees aren’t cooperating’. Dislike the syntax of the final sentence. Love the ‘let-the-image-do-the-talking’ final haiku: it brings out the pathos beautifully. 最後のハイク・イメージを通して状況のパトスが味わえます。

  2. i too feel that the final sentence seems a bit off. what aspect of the syntax are you referring to?

    note: the original ending was; the decorations look better than what is expected.

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