Things spring

Went to Niagara Falls and Washington, DC last week with 18 Japanese, as their translator and America-interpreter: “What is that building over there?”, “Why doesn’t this place have chopsticks?”, and more. Pleasure first at the Falls, then work in the capital. In Canada, I saw no sakura, and the Niagara River down-falls was frozen into huge blocks of ice. Cold indeed. However, in Washington, it was mid-National Cherry Blossom Festival, and them pink things were everywhere. Fabulous. A lot of rain, but none of it in the downpour mode, thank goodness. I couldn’t find the time to write, so on the flight back (13 hours, not one movie worth watching, so it was United’s channel 9 all the way) I penned these, then reworked them at home.

Lincoln and I and rain;
he’s gone, I anon,
sakura forever

Indeed, the Lincoln Monument is fantastic, a must see.

pink views in raintime
the Mall, the art, the power
all bow to sakura

The Tidal Basin is the place to see ten million petals in one glance, but the view from the Mall is equally amazing.

Here is a haiku of the sort which can be read in any line order you please:

in the pink
a light rain
my heart sings
my eyes shine
springtime sakura.

This haiku could take place anywhere in the world where there’s a cherry tree:

petals whorl ’round me
wind caressed, rain kissed,
look up, pink turning to green

It marks the end of the pink season. Returning to Kyoto, I am just in time to see its version of the season, and found this on my lips:

old capital’s, new capital’s
sakura, awesome
all the same

Mist and roar and power

2 responses to “Things spring

  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. hi Richard,

    can i extrapolate (i mean steal) a haiku moment from your prose?

    National Cherry Blossom Festival
    them pink things were everywhere…