Woodland birdsong

(Kankakei-Hoshigajo forest, Shodoshima, 6.5.08)

click on the photo to read the cirku more easily


3 Responses to “Woodland birdsong”

  1. Beautiful picture!
    Both the light and the shadow are lovely.
    I can feel a bird song and a smell of grass.

  2. The scent was of wild ‘sansho’ pepper, so wonderful to find deep in a forest. Pinching the leaves is enough to aromatize the fingers for a couple of hours.

  3. Great technology!! The cirku is an interesting form I’m not so familiar with. I wonder if it has its own rules. It obviously fits with ideas of
    capturing eternity and never-ending cycles of nature, but is it suited to the physicality of the human neck I wonder? Certainly a few on the trot would be hard reading! But ones set against such an eye-soothing green are a great pleasure to circumnavigate…

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