Memorial Day, 2008


Juniper, fragrant

in the jaws of my shears

by my grandmother’s grave.



4 Responses to “Memorial Day, 2008”

  1. The memory will revive with the fragrance, too
    I feel that I shared the cordial time.

  2. Thank you, Nico! –Ellis

  3. The alliteration is exquisite: j-g/j-sh/g-g. I’ve always loved the mind-clearing fragrance of the sun-worshipping juniper. What grows by the grave is important. Presumably, you are pruning the tree/bush because it hasn’t been tended – an act of homage for your granny?

  4. Thank you, Stephen! And you’re right– the scraggly lowest branches over her stone had all died and turned white– very Halloween-y.

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