warm sunset seedlings planted in the ricefield



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  1. I am interested in the two pieces of yours about ricefields –this one and the ‘high speed train…’ piece. The first word ‘warm’ here suggests the affection of the sun (Nature) to his young, tender creatures. You mean to reflect your affection to your kids! Am I right?

  2. hi Toshi, thanks for interest in my intention. simply put, you’re basically right.

    i guess on a general level there is the idea of nature. on another level the warmth of the sunset could suggest, in part, its nurturing effects. and yet on another level i tried to imply a kind of pregnancy process that occurs in mammals (i.e. seedlings planted in water, and perhaps the warm comfort in darkness they might receive). so overall, i tried to bring out the connection between the nature/nurture of all beings.

    i didn’t think consciously about my kids, but i suppose the pregnancy process idea could’ve been drawn from some subconscious reflection on my wife’s experience. who knows?

  3. Thank you, Gerald, for your prompt and kind reply, from which I have learned a lot. The key point is ‘the warm comfort in darkness they might receive’. It seems that I have overrun in appreciating your work. We call the way of appreciating ‘fuka-yomi’ in Japanese. Not to do ‘fuka-yomi’ is one of the most important attitudes in the appreciation of arts, isn’t it?

  4. Toshi, sorry, not clear in what you mean by overrun in appreciating art. do you mean reading too much into a piece of art, or making assumptions about a piece of art because of knowledge of some details about the artist?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Exactly, Gerald. That is what I wanted to say!

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