Arm in arm

Arm in arm

Head to palm

Eyes and mouths …

And life!

Congratulations to Hailstone Valerie Matsumoto and husband Montz on the birth of their son, Yoshiya, in South Australia.

Messages to Valerie, through comments button, please! 日本語も O.K.です。


3 Responses to “Arm in arm”

  1. Richard Donovan Says:

    The intimacy and self-sustaining containedness of your precious moment together are reflected back and forth between the poem and photo, like a light in a mirror-box.

  2. Congratulations!! And welcome, Yoshiya chan!

  3. Jonathan Gott Says:

    Dear Valerie and Montz, Congratulations on the birth of your child. Nice picture indeed. A haiku moment of the first order. kamome.

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