rainy rattles


all at once

through the downpour

a hundred frog bellows


2 Responses to “rainy rattles”

  1. The last 7 posts deserve more comments. Please be generous to their authors. Feedback, please. 皆さん、このハイクも入れて、最新のポスト七つに関してはコメントがほとんどないです。よろしくお願いします。Thanks,David, for your ‘hundredfold’ croak as you came up for air. At this season, the ricefields are so ebullient! I feel (do you?) that the posts on the Icebox are plentiful and of good standard, but the comments are being held back. We need more comment commitment from the readers and contributors, and they should not feel shy to say they don’t understand or even don’t like something. That’s normal and healthy.

  2. Oooh, “bellows,” really makes the poem, doesn’t it! “Frogs bellow” would fall more naturally on the eye, but “bellows” calls forth both a sound and an image– the way the frogs’ throats swell like bellows stoking a fire.

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