Urban Ginko 2: A Stroll to Buson’s Birthplace

July 6 (Sunday), 12:00. “Hello, and welcome again to Tenjinbashi-suji-rokuchome!” After lunch, eleven Hailstones begin to stroll through the hot, noisy streets of North Osaka, dropping in at the Heian Period Uguisu-zuka and a few other places of interest on the way towards Buson’s birthplace in the suburb of Kema.

an airliner low …

over The Bush-warbler’s Grave

with its own dot com


….. a few reddish plums

….. on leafy branches …

….. imagining a maiden

….. in his poems ….. (Keiko Yurugi)

It was a muggy day with a hint of thunder haze over the long river dyke of Kema. As we strolled, we cast our thoughts back to bygone days when all there was here was an insignificant village. The Buson stone monument, on which is carved a verse, brought home to me the nostalgic sentiments felt by young girls of Kema village, many of whom, like Buson himself, seldom if ever made the trip back home to meet their ageing parents. We read aloud – in Japanese and in English – Buson’s poems Denga-ka and Shunpu-batei-kyoku. The weathered stone stands high on the bank by the Yodo River, yet only the breeze and passing clouds come by … and the yellow daisies return annually in springtime in lieu of Buson himself. ….. (Akira Kibi)

春風や堤長うして家遠し (蕪村)

Spring wind –

the long river embankment

to my distant home ….. (Buson, trans. SHG)

stone tablet

with nothing around it

but long banks ….. (Kaoru Geka)


….. The Yodo River –

….. In days of yore, as now

….. The same wind ….. (Shigeko Kibi)

father and son

baseball and bat


where a poet once lived

(Jane Wieman)

Basho McAteer in 2008.

….. at the old lock-gate

….. a terrapin jumps into the pond …

….. under the summer green ….. (Mari Kawaguchi)

17:00 arrive back in Tenroku. After a cafe sharing, Hailstones melt away into the early evening.


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  1. I wish I could have been there, in the muggy day, with breezes from the Yodo, and such good company!



  2. Mari’s haiku about the leaping terrapin should be contrasted with another one of hers appearing below in the ‘At Stillhollow Pond’ report. There, the terrapin was floating about in a leisurely fashion. Oh, these Osaka terrapins!

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