August ends

(Photo: F. Ikemoto)

The Shinkansen Express to Tokyo made a lengthy stop at Nagoya Station due to a sudden, heavy shower in the area around Shizuoka, the midpoint between Osaka and my destination. Thanks to this, I left the train for a while, walked along the platform and enjoyed a second lunch of kishimen (a Nagoyan noodle) with beer. Then, napping in the train I dreamt …..

tiny rice-flowers begin to bloom –

the distant hill looks so close


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  1. How beautiful! What a gift, this unexpected break in Nagoya– and I loved the connection (?) between the photograph and the dream-image in the haiku. And it was a treat to learn a new word (kishimen). Thank you! Ellis

  2. The posting categories of ‘autumn’ and ‘haipho’ seem slightly awry. Rice flowers in August, which by today’s calendar is not autumn. Fireworks too are a summer thing here in Japan. Because there is an anecdote accompanying the haiku and photo, could this be a hai-bun-pho?! The suggestion of a visual connection between the dream of little white rice-flowers that shoot from the ear and the fireworks that shoot from the ground is intriguing, but I don’t feel the last line of the haiku is connected. Is it purely dream?

  3. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    Thanks, Ellis, for your insightful appreciation. I would recommend you to have kishimen, thin (ca. 2mm) & wide (ca. 10 mm) noodles going well with a big piece of tempura and beer, at your next stay in Japan! The backgroud of this post is: Ohno Rinka’s ねむりても旅の花火の胸にひらく, literally, even in my sleep/fireworks I saw during my travel/open again in my heart.
    Thanks, Tito, for your comment. August / fireworks/ rice flowers are season words of autumn/ summer/ autumn in Japanese haiku. Autumn begins in August (立秋the 1st day of autumn, 8/7 this year). “Awry” is correct as August is the season of transience. Hai-bun-pho? Nice! On the day before, I saw the scene in the haiku.

  4. Thanks to your mentioning the Ohno Rinka’s piece, I now understand why you presented the photo of the firework on the page.

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