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Harvest Moon Linked-Verse

Posted in Event report, Renga on September 26, 2008 by Tito

Sat. Sep. 13. Six Hailstones gathered at Moya Bligh’s print studio in Western Kyoto – or, rather, outside it on the grass. Sabaki: Jane Wieman. Scribe: Jane (and later Tito). The hokku was of course seasonal; thereafter, we allowed ourselves to explore both actuality and imagination. Your comments as neutral readers, most welcome!

Waxing toward full / the moon glows / above greengold ricefields (JW)

In summer breeze / the smell of grass after rain (AM)

Appeared… disappeared / its horns and tail: / a reluctant snail (T)

From far away / thunder’s ominous grumble (JD)

Lonesome cry / of a shakuhachi / gradually cheering up (MB)

Colored leaves shine / in sudden sunlight (AM)

Winter stalks / the lush season / of “mellow fruitfulness” (JMcA)

Rotten bark crumbling / at the base (MB)

Front door locked / lights turned off, / his wife in a rage (T)

Flitting wings open and shut / – my butterfly heart (JD)

Poets: Jane Wieman, Moya Bligh, Tito, John Dougill, Akito Mori, John McAteer

Two Haibun Contests

Posted in Challenge! on September 22, 2008 by Tito

The judges – Nobuyuki Yuasa & Stephen Henry Gill. You may not enter the same (or similar) haibun in both competitions. All work must be unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere.

1. Hailstone Haibun Challenge

Circle members only. 40-200 words, 1-3 haiku to be incl. (200 words is about the length of this posting.) By Dec. 1 to Stephen Gill (by post or email). Entry ¥1,000 per haibun to Mari, Keiko or Stephen by hand or wrapped banknote in post (specify ‘Haibun Challenge’); free for Icebox authors listed on the Contributors page. 3 prizes (incl. 2 encouragement prizes) to be given at Hailstone event early in 2009. If an overseas Hailstone wins, the prize will be sent. The judges will see your names and, for non-native authors, suggest revisions, as this is primarily a platform for creative encouragement, an opportunity to experiment. Be short, be poetic, and be radical!

2. Kikakuza Haibun Contest – English Section

Kikakuza is a group of haikai (linked-verse) poets founded in 2005 in honour of Kikaku (1661-1707), Basho’s most celebrated disciple (and a great wit). Anyone can enter. max 30 lines (of 80 spaces each). No min. requirement. 1 haiku must be incl., however. By Jan. 31 to Kikakuza, 117-1 Nakogi, Hatano-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 257-0024. The judges will not see your names as this is an all-out contest. Entry ¥2,000 per haibun; free for those living outside of Japan. Postal money orders to Kikaku no Kai 00250-4-95332 (or cash in env.). Special attention should be paid to evince a haikai spirit.

IX (a)

Posted in Haiku, Summer on September 13, 2008 by Gerald


deep in the ricefield

the small scarecrow

needs help


the lights simulating fireworks

on the love hotel’s roof ー

summer coolness


white chameleon

Posted in Haiku, Summer on September 9, 2008 by Gilad


right beside the outdoor light

a chameleon

… turns white


three for late summer, early fall

Posted in Haiku, Summer on September 8, 2008 by Ellis



a window

in my thin white sundress.


Lit by blue headlights,

white raindrops

splash whiter.


Just before

the subway door closes–

I grab a churro for the ride.


Churros are Mexican pastries sold on New York City subway platforms– wands of deep fried dough dredged in coarse sugar and cinnamon.