three for late summer, early fall



a window

in my thin white sundress.


Lit by blue headlights,

white raindrops

splash whiter.


Just before

the subway door closes–

I grab a churro for the ride.


Churros are Mexican pastries sold on New York City subway platforms– wands of deep fried dough dredged in coarse sugar and cinnamon.


7 Responses to “three for late summer, early fall”

  1. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    Transience of the seasn. Elegance, tension, rush! Ellis, you hastened to ride with churros (h’m, interesting)! I freely and easily enjoyed kishimen and then napping before the train started (the post below). You must have been hurrying to go to that Stadium to watch Matsui, I want to believe.

  2. Opening
    a door
    in my thick blue dungerees.

  3. Sorry, dungarees.

  4. nice contrasting juxtapositon: closing a window…sundress

  5. Thanks, Gerald, since that’s what I was going for– in that vein, Tito, I so enjoyed the contrast between my narrator’s desire to prolong the summer (by closing the window) and your narrator’s desire to go out into the cooling weather. AND I loved the contrast between Hisashi’s lazy summer train snack and my narrator’s busy autumn one. Thank you all for your responses! Ellis

  6. Closing …. How wonderfully described a scene of summer daily life is. I love this piece. It never stops me imagining what the poet’s life is — what’s her job? what happened/didn’t happen to her on that day? what’s her favourite flower? and so on.

  7. Why, thank you, Toshi! I’m honored.

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