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Harvest Moon Linked-Verse

Posted in Event report, Renga on September 26, 2008 by Tito

Sat. Sep. 13. Six Hailstones gathered at Moya Bligh’s print studio in Western Kyoto – or, rather, outside it on the grass. Sabaki: Jane Wieman. Scribe: Jane (and later Tito). The hokku was of course seasonal; thereafter, we allowed ourselves to explore both actuality and imagination. Your comments as neutral readers, most welcome!

Waxing toward full / the moon glows / above greengold ricefields (JW)

In summer breeze / the smell of grass after rain (AM)

Appeared… disappeared / its horns and tail: / a reluctant snail (T)

From far away / thunder’s ominous grumble (JD)

Lonesome cry / of a shakuhachi / gradually cheering up (MB)

Colored leaves shine / in sudden sunlight (AM)

Winter stalks / the lush season / of “mellow fruitfulness” (JMcA)

Rotten bark crumbling / at the base (MB)

Front door locked / lights turned off, / his wife in a rage (T)

Flitting wings open and shut / – my butterfly heart (JD)

Poets: Jane Wieman, Moya Bligh, Tito, John Dougill, Akito Mori, John McAteer