lX (b)


deep in the ricefield

the small boys

surround their frogs



the facade on the love hotel

resembles a circus tent

5 Responses to “lX (b)”

  1. ‘their’ frogs is sweet.

  2. The first one vividly makes me recall the summer days when I was a young boy. The last line is brimming with ‘haimi’ or haiku taste, I think.

  3. Moya Bligh Says:

    I can just see the scene. Gerald has not only captured a
    moment in the boy’s summer holidays but also a time
    in their lives. One wonders what is going to happen next.

  4. Mark Richardson Says:

    Gerald, these are really fine!

    I’ll venture one suggestion: “Looks like a circus tent” for “Resembles a circus tent.”

  5. a beautifully described scene! – deep in the rice field, the boys, their frogs – an isolated and intimate world with you as documentarist, a bit far , yet touching – thanks :)

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