in the fall

It’s November, yet we have warm rains, balmy days, zephyrs at our elbows, and the promise of another harvest moon.

….what will it be,

….short sleeves or down vest?

….puzzled, I run naked thru dreams

Back pains from too much endless hauling around of exhibition paraphernalia, the doc says I just need to walk more. Aromatherapy oils rubbed in here and there, I smell like a drugstore in heat.

….simple: don’t haul, just

….load up shoulders and walk

….thru the odors smiling

Could be worse.

2 responses to “in the fall

  1. “You just need to walk more!”, says the doc. How about on Mt. Ogura on Sunday 23 to dress a summit tree?

  2. I find a great deal of poetry in your prose. In contrast, your poetry sounds a bit prosaic to me. There is much to be thought about in the relaitonship of poetry and prose in haibun.