(Cape Ashizuri, Kochi Pref. Photo, At. Mori)

September song, so lonely: however, fish become active as they find the summer heat has stopped, and their appetites grow in preparation for the coming cold season. Anglers, too are happy.


(first snow on Mt. Yarigadake, Nagano Pref.)

October. Up in the alpine thickets, ptarmigans are getting whiter. Hikers are happy soaking in the hot springs below.

And already, kaminazuki, November!

….email radio waves

….crossing in space:

….the gods are absent


3 Responses to “Waves”

  1. I love the September and October pictures of the lone lighthouse and the lone mountain peak, and then the way the fish and anglers join the first image and the hikers and ptarmigans join the second. The idea of an “absent god” makes me wonder if all those radio waves and emails ever reach anyone– conveying a forlorn feeling that works well with the poem, I think.

  2. The style of this light, list-like piece reminds me of Makura no Soshi, Sei Shonagon’s ‘Pillow Book’.

  3. Nice prose. the juxtapostion of low and high (as illustrated above by Ellis). Overall, the pictures seem to suggest a deeper unsaid dimension paired with the prose.

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