Indian summer haiku

It’s raining
This sun-blessed day
Willow leaves


4 Responses to “Indian summer haiku”

  1. By including both rain and sun, you pleasantly destabilize my perspective– and suddenly I’m right there with you– it’s raining, but at the same time, the sun is shining on the willow leaves– ooh!

  2. This haiku is in the form of an at-first somewhat baffling statement. Very unusual! Also, I wonder if it is autumn or winter? When do willow leaves ‘rain’. I suppose December, but falling leaves is traditionally autumnal. I’d have hyphenated sun-blessed and might even have tried an ellipsis (…) at the end of the 2nd line. Anyway, I like it very much. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. John Dougill Says:

    I’d have put sun-blessed too if I’d been typing properly…

  4. John Dougill Says:

    And now I have!

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