from the Icebox inbox 5


Feathered grasses wag

Like agitated cat tails.

Santa Fe morning.……….(Ted Taylor, New Mexico)


first snow:

bubbling in my throat

a warm whisky.………….(Keith A. Simmonds, ?)



Snow on tree tips

Atop Mt. Atago,

Yet the morning sun shines.………(Jane Wieman, Kyoto)


4 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox 5”

  1. The first two haiku were apparently composed late last year, but Keith didn’t give the locality of his verse, which is always interesting. The third was composed on New Year’s Day after Jane’s arrival at Shugakuin. I like the optimistic mood, while gazing back at the now-distant mountain that had towered above her old home in the west.

  2. The feathered grasses are a type that only appear in the high desert in autumn.

  3. John Dougill Says:

    Jane’s poem is very heart-warming with its morning sun in contrast to the distant snow… It has the hallmark of a fresh new day beginning… Could this be a deliberate reference to post-operative recovery?

  4. In fact Jane told me she wrote this on New Year’s Day after the move but before the op. A fresh new year … and a clean slate.

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