First taste of winter: Kurama to Kibune

Bent in greeting
The snow-covered stem
Of a young cedar

Sacred tree, holy water:
On the head of the praying woman
Fall flakes of snow

Seated on a bench
Looking towards Kyoto
The silent snow man


3 Responses to “First taste of winter: Kurama to Kibune”

  1. The third haiku, with its curious yet contemporary west-east juxtaposition of bench/snowman and Kyoto, has truly caught my fancy – although I’ve never met a noisy one! Thanks.

  2. John Dougill Says:

    Ha ha…. thanks for that. In fact I deliberately made ‘snow man’ two words to leave open the possibility it’s a real man enjoying the ‘silent snow’…. I am the walrus, I am the snow man, uhuhuhuuuu…….

  3. I was drawn into sensing what that “snow man” was experiencing as he looked quietly toward Kyoto. Good stuff here: for me, the coexistence of an ordinary temporary presence (created from a season), perhaps the scene of KYOTO in all its glory (past and/or present). uhuhuhuuuu……

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