Hailstone Haibun Challenge

The results of the Hailstone Haibun Challenge were as follows.

Grand Prix: The Greatest Artist by Toshi Ida

Encouragement Prizes: Fontaine des Innocents by Ellis Avery; Ode to a Lily by Keiko Yurugi; Kamogawa Haibun by John Dougill

These pieces will not be published on the Icebox, but it is hoped may feature in Hailstone’s next anthology. 17 people, including judge Nobuyuki Yuasa, attended the Prize-giving & Reading meet in Takatsuki on Valentine’s Day.


inside a lily-bud

seemingly secured –


(from Keiko Yurugi’s Ode to a Lily)


6 Responses to “Hailstone Haibun Challenge”

  1. The Grand Prix winner, Toshi Ida, is in the centre in the back row, immediately behind Nobuyuki Yuasa. Mark and Yoshiharu are not in the picture.

  2. congratulations to the prize winners…

  3. my silent, yet warm memories, of you, hailstones, have been kindled even more by the hope inspired in this poem.

  4. Just passing by. Your website has great content.

  5. the optimism and promise of this poem is wonderful

  6. I’m honored and grateful to have received an Encouragement Prize, and feel spurred on in my attempts at haiku!

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