3 responses to “Feeding Frenzy

  1. Is one allowed to comment on one’s own haiku? I think it’s probably bad form since artists since time immemorial have claimed their work should speak for itself. But I can’t help pointing out that though my haiku might seem overly ornithological, there’s an embedded seasonal reference to the Siberian seagulls having left: yurikamome, they’re called in Japanese, and during the winter months they bless the Kamogawa with their cute faces and sometimes startling
    feats of flying. Now that they’ve gone off on their migration back to the Siberian lakes, I miss them – especially those fantastic spirals they do each afternoon high up into the distant sky before they fly off to overnight on lake Biwa. Remarkable little birds that they can fly such distances in all kinds of weather. For Siberians their spring arrival must seem like visitors from heaven….

  2. Without the posting title ‘Feeding Frenzy’, this would be nowhere near a haiku. Given the context, however, the seasonal feeling begins to come through. Accordingly, I’ve given the posting a ‘spring’ category. Does anyone think it should also be called a ‘haiku’?

  3. I will offer a brief cautious comment because this post is not categorised as workshopping, however the poet offers a comment which appears to explain the experience they wanted to share.

    Before reading the poet’s comment, I was drawn to the phrase “the seagulls have gone” and tried to discover the significance of this phrase in the first two lines…