Kamogawa musings

I’d forgotten
The bright beauty of  ‘boke’ –
Storm clouds dispersing


Watching me
The slender black cormorant:
Winter’s last gasp


Yukiyanagi –
On your sprawling branches
First touch of spring snow

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  1. To all contributors: kindly don’t use tags. On this site at present, we use categories only, as it gets too complicated to use both. When you post, you’ll see categories is just below tags. Categories can later be changed, tags can’t. Thanks.
    As to the poems: with liberal use of personal pronouns, for better or for worse, they convey a sort of dialogue between the poet and his surroundings. ‘boke’ is presumably the winter-flowering Japanese quince. The last haiku requires rereading (nothing wrong in that). Eventually, I understood: the welcome-ness indicates that the ‘snow’ is in fact white buds. Nicely seasonal. ‘yukiyanagi’ is the spiraea, a cascading white-blossomed shrub.

  2. In the end, I managed to delete the tag.

  3. Richard Donovan Says:

    John, I took to the banks of Kamogawa myself yesterday, for the first time since I returned from New Zealand a week ago. Another first for me was to park my bike and jog past a few bridges and back to Kitayama.

    The river was lapping the banks and sloshing over some bankside walkways under the bridges, as it does after such heavy rain as the last few days’.

    I too was glad to see white yukiyanagi flowers peeping out of the dark green foliage. The tree in my lane is a little further advanced, and should be in full bloom within a week.

    • John Dougill Says:

      Hi Richard and welcome back!
      Hope you’re enjoying the unfurling Kamogawa scenery: it’s a daily miracle at this time of year… Hope to see you soon and catch one of your haiku.

  4. Yukiyanagi! Natsukashii! Your poem took me back to a February day in Kyoto when I saw yukiyanagi blooming amidst a few falling flakes of snow. I love the stark cormorant image too– thank you!

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