7 responses to “Saint Patrick’s Day!

  1. Yes, ‘uncategorized’ is about right for this expression. It would be a haiku if there was another line with seasonal reference perhaps (your title points to this seasonal aspect, but not the poem itself); and it might be a senryu if there was someone outside the window who was surprised at the chorus line and dropped the tray of drinks. The most interesting thing for me is how the author is somehow both inside and outside at the same time.

  2. The only time of year anyone would be bellowing the song “Danny Boy” out the window would be March 17th! I’ve categorized it under “spring” accordingly. My use of “Danny Boy” as a kigo was also based on a mis-remembering of the lyrics, which I thought included only “when spring is in the meadow” and “when the valley’s hushed and white with snow.” However, I checked the lyrics to learn that not only is it “summer” in the meadow, but the poem lumps another season into the mix, “when all the flowers are dying.” My mistake… but no surprise that such a schmaltzy song can’t get its seasons right!

  3. PS: this morning’s lines, in last night’s wake–

    Morning: the Irish bar
    across the street–
    grimly shuttered, grimly clean.

  4. I think if ‘the only time of year anyone would be bellowing the song “Danny Boy” out the window is March 17th!’, categorizing it under “spring” seems to be quite valid regardless to its lyrics. It can be a new kigo (in US only or international?) though any song name is not strictly included in Japanese kigo. Very interesting! However, I cannot understand the relationship between St. Patrick’s Day and the song Danny Boy. It’s merely a custum? From Muchi-kun (無知君).

  5. You’re right, “Danny Boy” has nothing to do with Saint Patrick’s Day, really, but March 17th has turned into a celebration of Irishness (and drunkenness!) in Ireland, New York, and anywhere there is a concentration of people of Irish ancestry (or people who want to be Irish for a day). It’s a raucous celebration. I don’t know what they do in Dublin, but people in New York wear green, drink green beer, paint their faces green, eat terrible traditional Irish food (“corned” beef, cabbage, potatoes, and soda bread), march in a parade down Fifth Avenue, drink some more, shout a bit, and sing sentimental (enka-like?) Irish songs like “Danny Boy.” Can “green beer” (yuck!) be a spring kigo too?

  6. I understand, thanks. It seems that ‘bellowing Irish song’ is more suitable as kigo (song, specified to Irish one). Our kigo often has its relatives. For example, Cristmas (kigo even in here) has its relatives like holly-tree (sei-ju聖樹), holly-cake (sei-ka聖菓), holly-night (sei-ya聖夜)… St. Patrick’s day (Mar. 17) is surely a core kigo, of which derivatives can be kigo: wearing green, green face, green beer, bellowing Danny Boy, etc., if they truly evoke New Yorker’s seasonal sense. Japnese kigo are rather strict but yet evolve very slowly. You are developing your NY saijiki!