test launch

as rockets arrive

blossom fills the morning air

darkening the sun


3 Responses to “test launch”

  1. On Apr. 4, I was with Nobuyuki Yuasa at Jogyoji Temple in Isehara, Kanagawa at the grave of Kikaku (disciple of Basho). After we had both made short speeches about the recent international haibun contest held by Kikakuza, we observed the making of a Japanese renku (linked verse) to honour the poet on his anniversary. For a spring link I composed (with Japanese assistance from NY) something very akin to your verse here! Great minds … ?
    A fine spring day -/ high up in the sky / a missile speeding

  2. I love that the ominous verb “darkening” is applied to the blossoms, not, as one would expect, the rockets. “Darkening” in one verse, “speeding” in another– great verbs! With prayers for peace–EA.

  3. Great test launch! ;-)

    sputnik satellite
    a solar flare picks out
    a rivet

    Alan Summers

    all my best,
    With Words Online Haiku Competition

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