From Jane in Katy, Texas

petals fallen from
these Cherokee roses…
what landmark for me?

(2 Apr. The house is on a corner and surrounded by a high wooden fence on which Cherokee roses – small, white, single – flourished for a time, providing a distinctive landmark from a block or more away. )

In royal splendor
it sits
silent among the roars and squeaks
of an awakening world:
one grey-and-white dove

(11 Apr.)

4 Responses to “From Jane in Katy, Texas”

  1. Jane Wieman sent a clutch of haiku and other poems to me recently saying I could share them with other Hailstones on the Icebox. In the first haiku, I feel Jane’s searching for clues as to what next will happen in her recently-eventful life (she has just returned to the US after decades living in Kyoto). But there again, it could just mean that when the white flowers are spent, how will she recognize her sister’s house, where she now lives? In the tanka, Jane’s own early morning poise is there, imaged through that of the bird. Beautiful.

  2. The post before from Ellis has magnolia blossom in New York. Katy is down south near Houston, where roses have already bloomed. How large America is!

  3. hi Jane!

    April 2 haiku: i really like the connected sense of loss between the fallen petals (nature) and the question being asked in the last line (memory?). the discovery of something tangible that feels like it could have been significant in the poet’s past, and the search for its value/or meaning. perhaps more intriguing without the background info?

    take care.

  4. The internal rhyme of “one” and “dove” makes it sound all the more solitary, regal, and fortified against the cacophonous world… lovely choice. Take care, Jane!

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