A petal of cherry blossom

Falls fluttering on me

— Ah, too heavy.

4 Responses to “Lament”

  1. Not, perhaps, one of your best, … which might explain the lack of comments? Heavy is the burden of transience?

  2. the use of the word “heavy” in the last last line is unexpected. is the touch of the cherry blossom petal a surprise?? or does the lightness of its touch evoke some deep feelings within the poet??

  3. Thank you for your comment, Tito and Gerald.
    The piece is a recollection of my younger days when death was nearer to me than in these days. Today I seldom think of death: nothing heartbreaking happens. Ironically, being over sixty now, I feel how far away death is!
    One of those days I really felt the touch of cherry blossom petals resting on grass were much lighter than the one on me.
    Let me give it another try —
    She’s gone —
    Petals of cherry blossom
    Fall heavily on me.

    • It’s hard to capture the pull of gravity on a petal (or a chestnut, or a raindrop) in a haiku. But you nailed it with “heavy”! Best, Ellis

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