Poems for Mt. Ogura

小倉参り 035-

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Five years since my 生け石ike’ishi gallery installation 小倉参り (Pilgrim of  Mt. Ogura), at which through haiku, photography, stone arrangements – and a scattering of rubbish and leaves gathered from its slopes – I tried to show people both the beauty and the sadness of the mount. Now we have an NPO, 小倉山百人一集の会 (People Together for Mt. Ogura, see Blogroll on right) to help protect the hill where 藤原定家 Fujiwara Teika compiled his classic 小倉百人一首 (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each) tanka collection, today well-known as the karuta poem card set.P1080831-

One of our creative projects is 小倉山百人一句・一首 (One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets on Mt. Ogura), which requires verse (in Japanese or in English) from another twenty people. How about coming along on one of our Mt. Ogura or Saga events this year (see Events & seminars page) and composing something? Haiku/tanka written at the foot of the  mountain are also accepted. Mt. O. is the central misty one below …

P1070983-Huffing and puffing / my friends climb the hill : / Stopping, / a distant river speaks.


One Response to “Poems for Mt. Ogura”

  1. Tho I like the ing verbs muchly, and I do like this image a lot, still I have trouble with a couple points. Why “my friends”? “we” would be warmer. Then, not “stopping” but “rest stop”. Followed by “distant river calls us”. Now, the haiku is warm, human, even sweet in a poetic way.
    Still, a very nice image; I can see the hill, the river and the sweaty folks.

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