three for May

Needle-nosed finch
tweezing among
the apple blossoms.

Stubborn tree–
finally a few leaf-shreds
spider out from their buds.

Crossing the street
with her boyfriend, half-dancing
to the ice cream truck.

6 Responses to “three for May”

  1. david mccullough Says:

    ‘tweezing’ is wonderful.
    Have we just had a new word coined on our website?

  2. david mccullough Says:

    apparently not, according to the googlebrain, but fresh as this morning’s mackerel

  3. i like the ice cream truck reference. A great spring kigo, you’ve reminded me to attempt to apply it. I’ve been noticing its melody mixed with the
    natural spring sounds.
    I like the young boy and girlfriend reference, too. I noticed a few similar scenes lately while driving through the ‘hood. It was the boys who looked smitten, and the girls, blossom cool.

  4. I too think the use of tweezing is wondeful and interesting on several levels for me. Tweezing seems to either add to the image of the finch, or suggest the possibilty of a human too “tweezing” among the apple blossoms. Finally, the use of tweezing also seems to pull together a light music within the poem, and infuse it with humor.

    I enjoy rereading this poem. so much from so little…

  5. Gosh, thank you all! E.

  6. To clarify-ice cream is a traditional summer reference in Japan. The mobile ice cream salesman’s appearance here occurs in mid-spring and corraborates that winter is past. My apologies for any confusion. I was a little excited after the long winter of Minnesota.

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