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and yet

Posted in Haiku on May 25, 2009 by david mccullough

morning star!

the room full of unwashed glasses

shining   shining



Posted in Haipho, Summer on May 25, 2009 by Hisashi Miyazaki

Japan N Alps

The summer ski-lift. Our huffing, puffing.

(photo: Japan Northern Alps from 7th station to Mt. Ontake. May 18, ’09)

Can we call this a ‘Six-Word’? I personally feel the Six-Word is closer to Japanese haiku than 5/7/5 syllabled English haiku because it has fewer words in a fixed (6-worded), short form. If a kigo is included, it’s complete! I like ‘huffing/puffing’ in Tito’s post on Mt. Ogura, and have borrowed them. Permission, please!