and yet

morning star!

the room full of unwashed glasses

shining   shining

3 Responses to “and yet”

  1. the power of a star on unwashed glasses. brilliant. nice cohesion among the words in each line of this poem. and an equally nice connection between a celestial body, and the human activity/material, as represented in the unwashed glasses.

    at first, the second line presented a conflict. my mind automatically wanted those unwashed glasses to be in a kitchen. i guess “the room full of” phrase could suggest a party/event, or…?

    perhaps beginning the second line with the article “a” instead of “the” might help capture a smoother, lighter atmosphere i think implied in this poem.

  2. Both the centred layout and the repetition of ‘shining’ work beautifully. There is magic in daily life, David assures us, lest we should forget. Oh, the wonder of sharing haiku!

  3. totally agree with Gerald´s suggestion… ah! the joy of haiku, thanks for that one Dave

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