vending machine…
all alone
in the hot sun

mosquito bites on places i usually wear clothes

wild bamboo over there…
wanting to see the call
of the cuckoo

morning commute green season in the ricefields

a bucket of frogs
from his grandma


3 Responses to “XIII”

  1. So much to enjoy here! It was worth waiting for. Pathos, nicely-poised ambiguity, kinaesthesia, centrifugal/centripetal effects. Masterly.

  2. It was very nice to see you again at Saga.
    I like the frog one!

    Bon voyage.

  3. david mccullough Says:

    I agree with Mayumi.
    The earthiness of the language in the final haiku, combined with the image of a proud child at the end of day, makes this a poignant and effective piece of poetry.

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