Mt. Atago Pilgrims’ Path – Salute to Moya & Jane

Stone lanterns old shrines

Along now crowded streets still

Line the sacred way ……. (John McAteer)

Fourteen pilgrims participated in a walk on 5 July in Kyoto to pray for our poet friends, Moya Bligh and Jane Wieman, who both, in quite different ways, have recently dipped beyond the horizon. Accompanied by Moya’s son Ronan (and a visiting Gilad), we set out from Kaminoki 神ノ木 Benzaiten Jinja at Arisugawa on a breezy early summer’s day. A haiku we came across on a stone by Itsukinomiya, our first resting place on Sanjo: 往く道は一つしかない茜雲 (喝夫坊)

The road ahead / just one alone – / scarlet sunset clouds ……. (Priest Katsuobo)

Moya-Jane Salute Walk 009-

snip snip snip around a corner two men pruning pines (Moya Bligh)

butterfly – an iridescent greeting at the open door (Jane Wieman)

verdurous temple – ……. lights sway with branches

spots on moss … ………… your soul might be visiting ……. (Keiko Yurugi)

Saimei Shrine – Rokuoin – and then to the Sanjo bend in the Oi River and a view across tall reeds and ayu fishermen’s rods towards distant Matsuo.

remembering / the last time / I heard her voice – /my toes cool in the river ……. (David McCullough)

Past the stone lantern where Stephen and Margarite had once been mistaken for mountain gods returning … north to Ichijo and, just off it, the Seiryoji Kyogen Hall, where we ate our lunch and read some more of Moya & Jane’s poems. Zen Nakamura hosted. A few walkers left and a few others arrived.

Moya-Jane Salute Walk 020-Seto Stream fields – / And poets file / Past orange lilies / She would have drawn … ……. (Tito)

John McA. offered a walking shoe each – for Moya & Jane – at the Sen-ou-no-mizu Benzaiten spring 仙翁の水.

Discarded shoes – …………………………..

Before the Jizo statue …………………….

New-born cicada …….. (John Dougill)

Moya-Jane Salute Walk 028-

an afternoon firefly

stopping on his arm –

postman with

a distant card?

….. (Mari Kawaguchi)

The walk ended at the Noborigame Stone beside the First Sacred Arch of Atago Shrine in Adashino. Once back in the Kyogen-do at Seiryoji, a small celebration with beer and tofu was held.

In the cathedral of bamboo

a web stretches wide –

………..Hush! ……. (Moya Bligh)

2 Responses to “Mt. Atago Pilgrims’ Path – Salute to Moya & Jane”

  1. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    I wish I had been with you, but was on the way of a part of the Narrow Road. Offering them following haiku.
    (To Moya) at rocks / hearing cicada’s penetrated chirp
    (Risshakuji Temple, Yamagata City. July 5, 09)
    その岩に蝉の声聞く聞こえけり(sono iwa ni/semi no koe kiku/kikoekeri)
    (To Jane) summer grass, still thick / the Koromogawa
    (Takadachi, Hiraizumi City, July 6, 09)
    此の岸に夏草今も生い茂る(kono kishi ni/natsukusa ima mo/oi-shigeru)

  2. Yoshiharu Says:

    I remembered the last year’s Hibikiai Forum.I visualized the face
    of Moya and this haiku,snip snip snip.Then the writer’s name escaped her lips.I had thought which was better ‘snip snip snip’
    or ‘snip snip.’I like this haiku.When I see pine trees and the pine cones,I remember this haiku.
    喝夫坊の句は’’Mt.Atago Pilgrim’s Path-Salute to Moya &Jane”にふさわしい句だなあ、と思った。生を受け生きる者、突き詰めれば、まさしく’’行く道は一つしかない’’のである、生き方や道程はさまざまなれど。

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