Banryoku (万緑, full green)

PET bottle murmuring –

full green forest


Ginryo-so (銀竜草, silvery dragon grass) has no chlorophyll, although it is a higher plant (saprophyte). June ’09, Mt. Giboshi, Tottori Pref.

on the ridge

my hat blown off

cuckoo laughs

5 Responses to “Banryoku (万緑, full green)”

  1. Nice to have the spotlight placed on a humble flower again. Nico was so good at this, but we haven’t heard from her for ages. When I first saw ginryuso (in Nikko in the early ’80s), I thought the plant must have come from outer space! It is so weird. I suppose there is something PET bottle-like about it, or is the ‘forest’ the connection with the top ‘sort of a haiku’? I prefer the second verse, but it doesn’t go with the photo.

  2. Yoshiharu Says:


  3. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    Yuhrei-take (A ghost mushroom). Yes, it’s pure white and looks like a white ghost in the deep, dark forest. Hair-raising! Similar to Tito, my friend says it seems to be from the world of different dimension. Its side view has some resemblance to dragon’s head and neck.

  4. 1st poem: interesting juxtaposition: A PET bottle perhaps expressing it does not belong here (unless it’s biodegradable?). Does it speak because it is in a stream drowning? Or is the wind blowing into its open mouth? Or does the unwelcome sight of it in such a lushious environment cause it to murmur?

  5. I imagined a green place so quiet it magnifies the glugging sound of water as the speaker drinks it out of a bottle… I was glad that the humble plastic water bottle was getting attention, just like the reticent Ginryo-so!

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