Another Kiyotaki

Sun up after rain,P1100105-

…. Grass sparkling

…….. Sweetly-scented –

………… Swift, the Hozu’s flow.  ……………………………… (Akira Kibi)

Aug 2 – the last day (as it turned out) of a very long rainy season. Together with several members of the NPO, People Together for Mt. Ogura, a number of Hailstones hiked down the Hozu Gorge on a narrow road fifteen metres or so above a river in spate.

たゆまなく流るる川の波泡も 無常なりやと保津川のたまふ ……. (高田幸男)

Unceasing, ever-changing / My current’s waves and swirls – / The Hozu River speaks. ….. (Yukio Takada)

After viewing from Ochiai the craggy north face and distant pine-clad summit of Mt. Ogura, we headed up the usually idyllic Kiyotaki Stream.

Ah, Kiyotaki – /As if you were the Amazon / Your deep roar! ……. (Tito) P1100078-

A picnic was shared on rocks by the torrent, and the ‘Coolest Place in Kyoto’ (breeze at a bridge over a cascade) was later enjoyed. Some trekked on through the forest to the nearest village to meet urgent needs.

.. hopping along the muddy hillside

.. the Englishman as a rabbit …

.. sunlight through leaves. …………. (Mari Kawaguchi) P1100097-

…….. Red round faces

…….. Line the Kiyotaki trail –

…….. August mushrooms ………….. (Richard D.)P1100099-

As Keiko dipped her toes, one nameless (brainless?) person

… went in for a swim!


2 Responses to “Another Kiyotaki”

  1. Nobuyuki Yuasa Says:

    Tito kindly took me to Kiyotaki in mid-June to look at fireflies and listen to kajika frogs whistling in the stream. I enjoyed this trip better than anything else I had enjoyed in the last ten years or so! Fireflies were beautiful. I had not seen such a crowd of fireflies since I saw them in my boyhood druing the years of evacuation in the countryside. Also, it was the first time for me to hear kajika singing in the stream below the fireflies. You can imagine how excited I was, both my visual and auditory senses gratified at the same time! I was indeed amazed that so much of nature is still alive at Kiyotoki. Let us hope that the present condition will remain for ever.
    Here is my haiku to celebrate the occasion:

    Crowd of fireflies dancing,
    And in the dark stream below
    A chorus of whistling frogs.

  2. Yoshiharu Says:


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