Kikakuza Haibun Contest 2010



秋の空 ……..The autumn sky

尾上の杉の .Has distanced itself …

はなれたり ..From the ridge-top cedar.

(其角 Takarai Kikaku, Basho’s senior Edo disciple; scroll painting in the collection of Jogyoji Temple, Isehara)

Kikakuza will be open to receive entries for both its Japanese and its English language Haibun Contests 2010 between 1 Oct. and 31 Jan. The guidelines and address for entry will be displayed on a new page (top right) on this site from mid-Sep. Anyone is welcome to enter. You can read this year’s winning pieces now by clicking on the words ‘Kikakuza ’09 Winning Haibun’ at top right.