From the Icebox moonbox 9

The huge October moon has cast its spell.

Here are some recent submissions inspired by the harvest moon and by the last flickers of summer.

harvest moon
halcyon days
in river town

…. Willie

Takeshi’s tuna –
Its skin, burnt on the roof
Makes a ring
Around the moon

…. Tito

harvest moon
the cupboard space surrounding
a tin of deviled ham

…. Ed Markowski

his death wish
a moth plunges
into the flame

…. Vic Gendrano

Midnight nears
memories of distant Japan
and poet friends…

…. Jane Wieman

2 Responses to “From the Icebox moonbox 9”

  1. No mention of moon, but something nocturnal just came in from Jane Wieman in Texas (for all Hailstones she knows), so I added it, David.

  2. The moon inspires some strange thoughts….

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