to giggling children –

the priest’s eyebrows


6 Responses to “7-5-3”

  1. This was posted without a category, but with its seasonal title, ‘7-5-3’, which tells us it’s November, and its genuine happiness (rather than wittiness or irony), surely this is not a senryu. Shichi-go-san is a festival in Nov. when children of those ages go to the local shrine for a blessing – or, you could say, obversely, go to bless the local shrine!

  2. How does ‘7-5-3’ tell us it’s November, Tito? Are the odd numbers significant?

  3. David will explain … (?)

  4. david mccullough Says:

    7-5-3 refers to the Shichigosan tradition in Japan where seven, five and three year old children are taken to shrines to be blessed. Its an occasion for parents to give thanks that their children are growing up at last and to take lots of photographs. Children dress in colourful kimono and hakama – one of Japan’s prettiest sights as they pose for pictures under the red leaves of autumn.

  5. David, i wonder if this would work as a one-line poem?

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