What if


What if

In the light odarkness

Colours come

A man on a bench transfixed

(Hougon-in, Arashiyama, 27.11.09)

5 Responses to “What if”

  1. Mari Kawaguchi Says:

    I like the autumn colour. It is the best season now.

  2. david mccullough Says:

    lovely, Stephen.
    I think removing the words ‘light of’ would leave an overwhelming haiku. Perhaps that just my love of the dark side showing.

  3. Thanks, Mari and David, for your comments. This was a haiku that just dictated itself into my notebook and I wrote it down. In the clear light of day, I too considered cutting the two words D. has suggested, but felt that some of the poetry and mystery of the piece might go with them. I still can’t grasp intellectually what I mean by the ‘light of darkness’, but I kind of like it! Thank heavens, though, for the man on the bench, who ties things down.

  4. “I still can’t grasp intellectually what I mean … but I kind of like it!”

    Oh, brother, I do know what you mean!

  5. Thanks, Willie. You are a good sport!

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