The Ginkgo Tree

Blessed with halcyon autumn weather, eleven of us assembled in Okayama for the weekend of Nov. 7 and 8. Haiku composition (ginko) began in the gardens of Korakuen, continuing  in the older Kibiji district at Kibitsu Jinja, a short train ride and a walk away.

The renga was edited by Nobuyuki and Sean, and just the opening sequence is given below. In all, there are 18 stanzas. Publication is currently being sought in a British journal.

Three of us were invited by our hosts, Sean and Junko, to stay overnight in the village of Yuzuri. The renga compilation continued there (as well as later in an email exchange between the two editors). Our thanks to them both for their efforts, and to Junko, too, for convivial hospitality.

The ginkgo tree

At the end of the long corridor –

Its golden leaves

….. Sosui

Into the oracle chapel

A beam of autumn sun

….. Tito

On rock mountain

Spirit of Kibi kings –

Bulbul shrieking

….. John

Suddenly a broom sends forth

A bouncing pebble

….. Sean

The water-mill

Wheeling golden drips

Again and again

….. Akira

A stray cat stalks

This forgotten railroad

….. Miki


6 Responses to “The Ginkgo Tree”

  1. I can visualize the autumn and miss it a bit.

  2. Richard Donovan Says:

    Spectacular shot of the covered walkway at Kibitsu-jinja. Most of the photos have that orange glow of late autumn, a warmth that is sadly now rapidly dissipating as winter sets in. Like Nori, I’m already nostalgic for that idyllic autumn weekend.

    Sean and Junko were indeed the warmest of hosts in Yuzuri. これかれも譲り合いましょう!

  3. A nice variety of images in the opening sequence of The Ginko Tree renga. Such a tease Tito! I look forward to reading the rest of it.

    The bottom photo captures a scene I’d certainly like to experience. Did Richard take it?

  4. Hey, you came up for air, G! We caught a glimpse of you. Sincere thanks for the comments. We need them. Which of the three is the “bottom photo”? I took the two on the right, but am unsure who took the lefthand one of N and T with smoke, though I think it might have been Richard.

  5. who took te photo just before the renga sequence? stone lantern in the foreground, mountain in the background.

  6. Me fecit. C’etait moi. Boku datta. Junko showed me the place, though.

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