From a distance

on the shallow blue sea
slide                                                                                                              with their white lines
stretching stretching


namigashira, touasa no umi o, suberi ori

shiroku sujidatsu, nobinobi toshite


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  1. The meaning in English is, as yet, a little unclear, but the sound of the Japanese is worth recording so that those unable to read the Japanese script can appreciate the beautiful sound. I will try to transliterate …
    namigashira, touasa no umi o, suberi ori, shiroku suji tatsu, nobinobi toshite
    Correct me if I’ve made a mistake. We hear that the Hawaiian waves right now are the biggest for several years. Lucky you to have that vigorous inspiration! Don’t go surfing, please…..

    • Dear Tito,

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      Let me correct only one part for the transliteration; suji tatsu –> sujidatsu

      I wrote about the Waikiki beach whose wave is not so high throughout the year. The wave in Northshore becomes high and rough in winter. It is quite popular for surfers to go to Northshore in this particular season. Don’t worry I only snorkel at the very very shallow Waikiki beach.


  2. Wave-crests
    on a shallow blue sea
    slide towards the shore
    then rear up, white …
    stretching, stretching

    This is my English version working back from your beautiful Japanese. If you wish to use any ideas from this, feel free to edit your own posting. Otherwise leave as is to see what others may suggest.

  3. Everyday I look down on the sea from a distance and the wave crests look like white lines… so

  4. Then, perhaps the last line of my version based on your Japanese might better be ‘stretching into lines’ with no repetition of ‘stretching’.

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