Hailstone Poets’ Work Featured on BBC Radio & Mainichi TV

You may like to note that Stephen’s latest BBC Radio programme featuring haiku, entitled The Great Bell, will be broadcast as part of the series Between the Ears this coming Saturday evening (Dec. 12) 22:00-22:30 on Radio 3. It is on the subject of Buddhist temple bells and has some great sounds in it. For all who are not in Britain (or those who are and missed it on air), go to the Radio 3 page on the BBC Radio site http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/
sometime after broadcast and click ‘programmes’, then ‘Between the Ears’; or ‘schedule’ and find it there. You should be able to listen to it for at least a week after broadcast, maybe more. The haiku are all (except one) by Japanese poets, several of them belonging to the Hailstone Haiku Circle! The programme is mostly in English.

Hailstones will also feature in a forthcoming Mainichi TV news programme (Kansai area only), entitled Voice. You will most probably see the Yomiuri Eigo de Haiku (Nov.) class, our Autumn Haike up Mt. Mikami in Shiga, as well as dressing a pine-tree with poems up on Mt. Ogura. The approx. 10-min. corner is called Kiwamon and is scheduled to go out on Friday 18 Dec. between 17:50 and 18:40 . 毎日放送の関西エリアで17:50~18:40の間(10分ほど?)12月18日(金)放送予定。「VOICEコーナー きわもん」Although the haiku will be shown in English, this programme is in Japanese. Hisashi is helping at present with translation of some of the haiku into Japanese. An article in Japanese will also be found for a while after broadcast at <http://www.mbs.jp/voice/special/cat1315.shtml&gt; Let’s hope this brings more volunteers onto Mt. Ogura!

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  1. I listened to the program and found it very appealing, so I passed on the link to some friends.

  2. TVは見逃しましたが、ラジオは聴きましたよ。

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